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  •  Optimal gaming performance guaranteed

  •  Unlimited 10 Gb/s network for uninterrupted connectivity

  •  Advanced Gaming Anti-DDoS Protection

  •  99.99% uptime guaranteed guaranteed uptime

  •  Game servers in Europe

Our Palworld hosting plans

Palworld hosting RW-Hosting

Start your Palworld adventure in seconds with our quality hosting services.

16 Slots
14.99€ / Month

No performance throttling!
Support 24/7
Delivery in 120 seconds!
Anti-DDoS Gaming +3.2Tb/s
32 Slots
29.99€ / Month

No performance throttling!
Support 24/7
Delivery in 120 seconds!
Anti-DDoS Gaming +3.2Tb/s
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  • User-friendly control panel

    Simplify the management of your Palworld server with our intuitive control panel, ideal even for beginners.

  • 24/7 Technical Support

    Our dedicated support team is available 24/7 to answer your questions and quickly resolve any issues with your Palworld hosting, ensuring total peace of mind.

  • Palworld servers in Europe

    Enjoy lag-free gaming with our European servers, providing optimal performance for your Palworld adventures.

  • Advanced Anti-DDoS Protection for your Palworld server

    Ensure the continuity and security of your Palworld server with our advanced Anti-DDoS protection, designed to counter attacks and keep your server operational at all times.

FAQs about your Palworld RW-Hosting

Frequently asked questions about your Palworld hosting

We offer several hosting plans tailored to your needs, ranging from small servers for private games to high-capacity servers for large communities. Each plan includes easy installation, customizable configuration, and 24/7 technical support.

Benefits include improved game performance thanks to optimized servers, customization of settings to your needs, specialized technical support to resolve issues, and simplified management of updates and backups.

We recommend evaluating the number of players and the features you expect from your server. Our team is available to advise you and help you choose the most suitable plan.

What is Palworld?

Palworld is an adventure game where players can capture, train, and battle with creatures called 'Pals.' The game offers a variety of activities, including exploration, building, and survival in an open world.

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